Bullshire welcomed its first wave of refugees earlier today; when a family arrived at their new flat above one of Bullshire’s many flat roofed estate pubs.

The worried refugees shouted “HI!” in unison when they saw the flat above The Flat Roofed Estate Pub right here in Bullshire.

Circled by a crowd of locals, the refugees continued to shout “HI!” and, looking worried, hurried away from the location.

In broken English, one of the refugees muttered “We go back home. We go back now. Hi. Hi. Hi.”

Shortly after arriving outside The Flat-Roofed Estate Pub, a local unemployed drunken piece of underclass scum emerged from within the pub clutching a pool cue; and welcomed the refugees by spitting at them.

Followed by their shirtless vermin brethren, the family of refugees repeatedly shouted “HI” again; and were subsequently chased from the estate by the feral crowd of jeering buffoons.