Purchase Issues


UPDATE [20/01/2022]

“CoViD” is still affecting us; with mugs being the main issue because, for some reason, our suppliers keep running out. It might be all this “Brexit” stuff too. We don’t know. It’s annoying though. So please bear with us. We’re trying.

UPDATE – The Corona Virus is massively impacting on the operation of our ‘Shop’. The logistics involved mean that we’ve had to make decisions which prioritise family safety etc.

We’re pretty much sorted; but some of our ‘Suppliers’ aren’t as quick as we’d like.

Don’t get us started on the Royal Mail!


Here at Bullshire we like to resolve ‘Purchase Issues’ as painlessly as possible for all parties.

There are various methods to bring issues to our attention.

You can either e-mail us at salesadmin@bullshirepolice.com or send us a message on Facebook (either Bullshire Police or Bullshire Hospitals).

Bear with us though; we’re pretty much a one-person-band. Tip: Pester us. We won’t mind.