Support Bullshire

‘Bullshire’ is partly about making people potentially laugh.  We all know that a little laughter goes a long way.

Here at ‘Bullshire’ we want to continue to create; innovate and, hopefully, continue to expand our audience and make more people potentially laugh.

Not only is this ridiculously time consuming; but it’s becoming increasingly and ridiculously expensive.  Computers cost money.  Software costs money.  Equipment costs money.  Internet stuff costs money.

Therefore, as an idea, if you want to help support us with more than your ‘Engagement’ you can choose to do so here.  This will be a ‘Recurring Monthly’ thing and, of course, can be cancelled at any time.

Bear in mind, you won’t get anything physical in return – But you will be significantly helping ‘Bullshire’ create stuff.

If you want to cancel the above at any time: