For some strange reason, there appears to be a nationwide shortage of ‘Blank’ travel mugs; which means I can’t get any. I’m trying; and I’m sure it’ll be rectified shortly. Nightmare. Sorry.

“Bullshire” and everything “Bullshire” related is pretty much a one-man band.

Drinking Vessels and clothing are prepared, produced, packed and posted by either our Social Media Ambassador or their brother.

We aim to get things turned around the same day; but this isn’t always possible because we’ve only got so much space and time.

For clothes, although we try to have sufficient “Blanks” in stock, it’s not always possible. We might have to order blanks in; which will delay things.

We’re not talking weeks here; we’re talking days. Just remember that we do everything ourselves. Some may say we have ‘Trust Issues’.

We’re currently sending stuff out 2nd Class using the Royal Mail. The time and effort involved with bringing in a cool ‘Amazon-Style’ tracking system would cost a load, take ages to sort out and, to be honest, we don’t think it’s necessary due to the relatively low volume of stuff we do.

Bear with us. Thank you for your support.