In a shocking revelation which shocked a number onlookers who, previously, weren’t shocked, Bullshire Police will no longer be helping people who appear completely unable to help themselves.

Quite often Bullshire Citizens make contact with experienced Bullshire Police ‘Call Takers’ who are able to provide them with what’s known in the trade as ‘Suitable Advice’.

More often than not, Bullshire Citizens respond with “Why Should I?” and appear either too stupid or ignorant to accept said ‘Suitable Advice’.

This will all change from 2019, when Bullshire Police will introduce a new resolution to calls received from Bullshire Citizens.


At this moment in time, whenever a Bullshire Citizen responds with “Why Should I?” they are pandered to by a Bullshire Police Officer and quite often repeat the phrase “Why Should I?” when they’re provided with even more “Suitable Advice” from a Bullshire Police Officer.

But, from January 1st 2019, whenever a Bullshire Citizen comes out with “Why Should I?” the incident will immediately be closed and the Bullshire Citizen sternly told “Go fuck yourself then“.

A spokesperson for Bullshire Police said,

“…We’re sick and tired of thick people contacting us and, when we try to help them by providing them with suitable advice, they repeat “Why Should I?”

So, from January 2019, they can go fuck themselves.  Buffoons…

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