Apparent Jump


Once again the BBC appear to be telling another anti-police lie in some sort of apparent bid to divide peoples’ opinion.

Within an article, headlined “Chelsea Bridge: Man Tasered in critical condition after River Thames fall” the BBC appear to fail to have carried out any objective journalism and implied that a man fell into the River Thames after being “Tasered”. Read the article here:

What the BBC appear to fail to have noticed is that the apparent man was wielding a weapon, refused to comply with Police Offices and was “Tasered”. The apparent man then appears to have made a decision to jump into the river; in an apparent bid to evade arrest and subsequent potential punishment.

What the wankers at the BBC (and now many more other so-called “News” outlets) appear to be failing to report is the context. Bunch of wankers.

Choose to view the footage yourself here; and please feel free to call out the mainstream media fakery: