“Love Island” will not be axed amid internet uproar; but does this shocking revelation spell the end?

Crowds of shocked onlookers looked on in shock recently when hoards of outraged social media users took to twitter and others to voice their outrage at something which really isn’t worth getting outraged about quite as badly.

As you may know, the ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ has recently been axed; but numerous outraged social media users expressed outrage that “Love Island” was still going strong.

However, in this shocking news we’ve just made up, Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal that the end of “Love Island” could be upon us.

“I’ve never watched It. I’ve heard it’s shit though.”

Our intrepid Bullshire Online so-called “Reporter” says of Love Island “I’ve never watched it. I’ve heard it’s shit though.”

The End?

But wait. Who’s that? Is it? Yes. Yes it is.

It would appear that Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal that Jeremy Kyle appears in a Love Island publicity image.

Could this be the end?

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