Golden Arches

What do you call eight police officers chatting at a McDonald’s restaurant in Bullshire at 3.30am?

A crowd of shocked onlookers looked on in shock when they posted on Social Media that they had “…seen 8 Police Officers chatting at a McDonald’s restaurant in Bullshire at 3.30am…”

Quick in their rebuttal of such nonsense dross which appeared to disrespect the police, Bullshire Police responded with:

“… FUCK RIGHT OFF.  There’s no way we have 8 Police Officers on duty at any given time in Bullshire.  You are chattin’ bubbles you fucking buffoon…”

“…We call your claim BULLSHIT…”

A Bullshire Police spokesperson continued:

“…And what the fuck – exactly – has it got to do with you?  You probably don’t even have a fucking job.  And what were YOU doing in McDonald’s at 3.30am?  Out on the rob we bet?  Or out scoring some weed?  Go on – Fuck off.  Nosey bastard…”

The Bullshire Police spokesperson also appears to have researched the fat bastard who had the audacity to post bullshit on Social Media by concluding:

“…We’ve had a chat with the bobby who was in the arches when you photographed them after tutting.  Was that your missus?  Fuck me, she was a greasy haired fat minger ‘n’ half she was!  And you – You could do with cutting down on the arches stuff and, maybe, learn how to do a bit of jogging of something.  You’re fucking massive.  And you have ginger hair.  So fuck off you fat ginger haired cunt…”

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