In a bid to prevent thick people from sounding quite so thick, several popular supermarket brands are changing their names.

May underclass favela dwelling thick people quite often pluralise the name of Tesco, Asda and Lidl and Aldi because; well, we don’t know why.

Probably because they’re thick?


All of these popular supermarkets make loads of money from thick favela dwellers who spend most of their benefit on cheap booze and fags.  They also get a taxi up there quite regularly to get some scratch cardses and to play the poor persons’ tax.  Sorry, we mean ‘National Lottery.’

So, because these chains don’t want to alienate stupid people, they’re changing their names.

Tesco will become “The Tescos”.

Asda will become “The Asdas”

Lidl will become “The Lidls”

Aldi will become “The Aldis.”

The Waitroses aren’t changing their name because they’re far too posh for people to sound stupid and get their name wrong.

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