Asking a Police Officer if they’re a STRIPPER is now ILLEGAL!

Asking a real Police Officer whether they’re a “Stripper” is now ILLEGAL in Bullshire.

That’s right.

When a real proper Bullshire Police Officer turns up at an incident, goes into a shop to buy something or is simply out in public, it’s very common for hilarious people to say things like “…Oi Oi, here’s the stripper…” or something equally as brilliantly original.

But, from today, it will be ILLEGAL and the comedian/comedienne who asks the question will be arrested and thrown in prison.

As you should know, it is illegal to “Wolf Whistle” someone here in Bullshire too; because one or two liberal entitled virtue signalling snowflakes thought it was a problem.

A spokesperson for Bullshire Police said,

“…Quite often, Bullshire Police Officers are asked whether they’re a stripper by really funny people.  This isn’t funny.

Strippers usually have good bodies and are well sexy; but one of our shorter, grumpier, slightly tubby female policemen complained about it because they’re actually too minging to be a stripper; so this new law has been added to our arsenal…”