What Bullshire Hospitals are doing now may SHOCK you!

Bullshire Hospitals may shock you once more, as they unveil yet another controversial initiative.

That’s right, Bullshire Online will claim that a crowd of shocked onlookers looked on in shock as Bullshire Hospitals unveiled yet another controversial initiative.

Actually, there were neither any onlookers nor any shocked onlookers; but we won’t let that get in the way of a click-bait headline here at Bullshire Online.

Anyway, apparently, Bullshire Hospitals have recently opened a ‘Baby Exchange’ where you can change a baby.









Obviously they haven’t really; but we don’t care because we made you click, made you stare and exposed you to our ad-riddled website.  LOL .  Hopefully we got you all ‘Offended’ too and made you comment with an illiterate comment on Facebook.  u ok hun? Xx