Christmas Market

Find out why it’s ILLEGAL to ‘Check In’ at a ‘Christmas Market’ in Bullshire!

In a shock move which shocked a number of onlookers into apparently being shocked, Bullshire Police have set up a squad of crack cyber sleuths to actively seek those who ‘Check In’ at a ‘Christmas Market’ in Bullshire.

But WHY is it illegal to ‘Check In’ at a ‘Christmas Market?

Bullshire Online have ALL the answers.

It’s because nobody gives a shit.  Nobody cares.  Not one fucking iota.  So stop it.  Right now.  Cheers.

Leading the squad of cyber-sleuths trawling t’internet, one of Bullshire’s top cops said:

“…I’ve been a temporary Detective Constable for a couple of months after joining the same gym as the Detective Inspector and having my teeth whitened.  I was looking through the timeline on The Facebooks when I saw shit loads of people ‘Checking In’ to some poxy ‘Christmas Market’ and thought ‘I couldn’t give a flying fuck’.

I decided to speak to a magistrate who passed a by-law making it illegal to ‘Check In’ to a ‘Christmas Market’ because it really gets on my tits.

Nobody fucking cares…”