English Channel to be DAMMED to ‘Assist Migrant Flood’

In a bid to assist the migrant flood, the English Channel is to be dammed so no migrants risk their lives in little boats.

Bullshire Border Farce officials have today announced that two giant dams are to be built across the English Channel; in a bid to prevent migrants from risking their lives in little boats.


According to the so-called news, loads of migrants are apparently sailing from France to England in little boats; in search of free stuff; and, according to loads of virtue signalling snowflakes, this is well risky.

Googled Photo of a ‘Little Boat’


Bullshire Online have received information from some of the migrants; who, when asked why they’re risking their lives in little boats, said it’s because “…France is Shit…”


Bullshire’s Border Farce officials were overheard saying “That damn English Channel’ but someone misinterpreted what they’d said and now, at a cost of £908 million two giant dams are to be built; which will allow the migrants to walk straight across or something; without getting their £90 trainers wet.