Police ‘Forced to PUNCH and Hit CHILDREN and DOGS With METAL BARS’

Bullshire Police Officers are now being encouraged to PUNCH and hit CHILDREN and DOGS with METAL BARS, Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal.


In a recent on-sided report from Sly News, Police Officers have been criticised for using “STUN GUNS” on children and dogs; which has left Bullshire Police Officers with no alternative but to consider punching children and dogs; or, if they’re particularly aggressive, hitting them with a metal bar.

Until the wussy liberals got on their case, Bullshire Police Officers could either imply use of TASER, threaten use of TASER or actually use TASER to protect themselves.

But no. Not anymore. The fucking idiots from Sly News and the liberal ‘Welfare Organisations’ couldn’t give two shits about coppers could they? Twats.


The report from Sly News completely missed the point that the so called children were threatening coppers with knives, machetes etc., or were off their tits on MKAT or something; but Sly News wouldn’t want the truth to get in the way of yet another anti-police click bait piece of shit so-called ‘journalism’ would they?

On top of that, apparently a few ‘Welfare Groups’ have jumped on the bullshit bandwagon.

Bullshire’s Top Cop, Chief Constable Sir Mason Lodge (MBSE/GCSE/B-Tec) said,

…What a bunch of fucking do-gooders. I’d like to see them deal with a machete wielding 6’4″ fifteen year old off his tits on cocaine. Perhaps they could sit him on a beanbag and talk about where the nasty society hurt him? Fucking do-gooders…


Chief Constable Lodge went on to say,

…Fuck off Sly News. Bunch of cunts…”


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