READ: ‘The Happy Female Policeman’

The Social Media Ambassador has created an ACTUAL BOOK* and, if you choose to, you can read a few excerpts right here.

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Here we can see the ‘Front Cover’ of the ACTUAL BOOK*.

The ACTUAL BOOK* will teach the reader about everything that makes the Happy Female Policeman so happy; about what makes her smile so much.

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In the following excerpt, we can see how she’s been made even happier because, whilst on patrol, she’s seen someone she knows who she really really likes speaking and dealing with.

That’s right, she’s bumped into ‘The Future of our Society’ and, if possible, we might create an ACTUAL BOOK* all about him too.

Not happy enough at having to deal with ‘The Future of our Society’, The Happy Female Policeman continues her quest to become even happier.

Further into the ACTUAL BOOK* she receives information via her personal radio that she needs to go and see a Service User who she absolutely loves going to see.

That’s right, she’s going to see the heavily pregnant, smoking and drinking ‘Future of our Society’ who, once more, has been called a “SKET” on The Facebooks by her former best friend’s sister’s brother’s aunt’s best friend’s cousin’s uncle’s son.

You can see how much happier the ‘Happy Female Policeman’ becomes when she enters the putrid interior of the ‘Future of our Society’s’ free house.

But wait.  There’s more to make the ‘Happy Female Policeman’ even happier.

After enduring the vile stench of the underclass, she returns to the Police Station and soon becomes even happier.

That’s right, one of the ‘Elite Strutting Peacocks’ has heard that the ‘Happy Female Policeman’ has recently split up with her boyfriend.

So guess who’s popped up sniffing around?

The ‘Happy Female Policeman’ has endured the ‘Strutting Peacock’ and has, once again, engaged in single crewed patrol.

She receives information via her personal radio to attend a potential ‘Break in Progress’ and, even though the dog man has never attended these kinds of incidents in her area before, he’s discovered that she’s a bit fit.

So, look who’s come sniffing around?


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We might actually create a range of books if we get the support and/or opportunity.  It’s not particularly easy or quick don’t you know?

*Not an actual book at all, but it could be if we get the opportunity.