Stock Photo of a Flea Wearing Boxing Gloves


Lazy Bullshire Online so-called ‘Journalists’ have discovered by way of a ‘Freedom of Information Act’ request that a Bullshire Police Officer was awarded £12,000 compensation after being punched by a flea.

A Freedom of Information Act request submitted by one of Bullshire Online’s more cowardly so-called ‘Journalists’ discovered that an Elite Bullshire Police Firearms Officer was punched by a flea during an argument over who was the tallest.

The flea – standing at 0.3mm tall claimed they were taller than the Elite Firearms Officer which resulted in the Elite Firearms Officer arguing that he was taller because he was wearing boots.

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A verbal altercation quickly escalated into violence as the flea donned a pair of boxing gloves and bopped the Firearms Officer in his freaky finger.

Bullshire Police have told Bullshire Online that an Elite Firearms Officer’s freaky finger is their most important asset; and on this occasion the finely manicured freaky fingernail was damaged which caused the Elite Firearms Officer distress and discomfort.

The £12,000 compensation was apparently awarded for psychological harm to the Elite Bullshire Police Firearms Officer’s ego.