Shit Loads of Sky Vans


Earlier today, a shocked onlooker looked on in shock when they saw not one, not two – but ELEVEN ‘Sky vans’ cosily crammed into the car park of a popular burger joint.

In a quote we made up, the shocked onlooker said “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw eleven Sky vans in one car park.  I had to park elsewhere and walk to sort myself out with a sausage and egg McMuffin.”

Bullshire Online understand that absolutely no satellite dishes were erected on the burger joint’s roof which leads us to believe that the drivers of the vans must be human beings and need to eat and/or drink.

Another shocked onlooker didn’t say “Why aren’t they out erecting dishes?  I pay their wages.  It’s discusting.”

One local resident, who cannot be named as he doesn’t exist, said “I was shocked, you don’t expect to see all these sky vans parked up like that. I couldn’t believe my eyes”

Someone else said “They should be out fixing bad connections not drinking tea!  I pay their wages”

Cat Picture
Picture of a Cat Filing Its Nails

Responding to our post on The Facebooks one sensible person who has a cat as a profile image said “Probably an area management meeting.  It’s common among many service groups.  Why have an office if everybody is on the road 95% of the time.”

Another outraged person said “I am outraged, people pay a monthly over priced subscription fee for this. This is a waste of 18 month contract fee money.”

Another user of The Facebooks who has a mutual friend with our Social Media Ambassador commented “They should be out fixing bad connections not drinking tea! I pay their wages”