Stripping Police


Dozens of shocked onlookers looked on in shock recently when it was discovered that a stripper had quit stripping to become a police woman.

Not content with enjoying a relatively stress free lifestyle, the former stripper decided that she fancied a pay reduction and the opportunity to be beaten up by the underclass on a regular basis.

Ditching handcuffs for erm… handcuffs, the former stripper is currently in training to become a police woman and now earns a pittance and is hated by loads of buffoons in society, politicians, mainstream news outlets and her bosses.

One shocked onlooker who appears to have a fake name on The Facebooks said “She can take down my particulars any day………sorry, I’ll get me coat.” Mr ‘Fake Name’ added “Famous at last!!!” after being publicly ridiculed by Bullshire Police.

Another shocked onlooker who appears to be a bit hard said “But, she’s got a tattoo!!

This article appears to be receiving mixed reaction over on The Facebooks, with one person who has a grumpy apparent ‘Care Bear’ as a profile image commenting with “Well if she has had a nose job, cheek bones shaved and raised and her eyebrows done then its the same girl if not another scoop by the Sun or daily fail” before appearing to laugh at their own comment by adding “lol”.

Have you ever quit a job to become a police officer?  What made you ditch your personal life to stand the chance of being beaten up or worse on a regular basis?

Why don’t you choose to decide to tell us on The Facebooks?