Mounted Detective Cropped Image


One of Bullshire’s top cops – a Temporary Detective Constable – within Bullshire Police recently announced they were fed up with wearing out the leather soles of their winklepickers and, as a result, will be introducing a ‘Mounted Detective Branch’ as soon as practicable.

The head honcho said,

I’ve been a temporary detective for 15 minutes and was promoted to the higher rank after only 2 years on the streets.  I play golf with the Detective Chief Inspector

According to the main man, horses used by the ‘Mounted Detective Branch’ also wear winklepickers; but we couldn’t be bothered to photoshop any on.

As we were interviewing the super sleuth top cop an attractive female student officer with only 1 week’s service caught his eye, resulting in the Temporary Detective Constable muttering,

I wouldn’t mind mounting her.

Since our interview with the top cop we have learned that the physically attractive female student officer has been promoted to the higher rank of Detective Constable.