Honest Sign Fury I

‘Fury Sparked’ as ‘Honest Signs’ Trigger ‘Generation Snowflake’

Shocked onlookers looked on in shock as Bullshire Police introduced even more ‘Honest Signs’ earlier today (Saturday).

Scores of shocked, offended and triggered members of ‘Generation Snowflake’ were in uproar when they discovered that Bullshire Police were being honest.

Working in partnership with local busy-bodies, a ‘Community Speed Watch’ group has been set up.

However, the ‘Honest Signs’ supplied by Bullshire Police sparked fury amongst ‘Generation Snowflake’ who like to be offended by the slightest of things.

One member of ‘Generation Snowflake’ said ‘My fury is sparked’ which resulted in us being able to put ‘Sparked Fury’ in inverted commas in the headline of this article.

Shocked onlooking motorists looked on in shock as they approached the ‘Community Speed Watch’ area; initially shocked because a fat bald bloke wearing a high-vis jacket jumped out in front of them and pointed a speed gun thing at them.

However, as the shocked motorists approached, they saw a sign which sparked their fury.

Honest Sign Fury II
Honest Sign Fury II

One shocked onlooker said “I was only doing 40 in a 30 when a fat bloke jumped out in front of me.  Then a sign called me a buffoon.  I’m offended.

As the shocked onlooker continued their journey, they became even more triggered that a sign had the audacity to tell them the truth.

Honest Sign Fury III
Honest Sign Fury III

How dare a sign call me a fucking idiot and suggest I can’t read?” moaned the fucking idiot.

A spokesperson for Bullshire Police told Bullshire Online “Don’t you lazy twat hacks normally send us ‘Freedom of Information Act’ requests?” before terminating the call.