999 Call Takers Suspended in Target Fiasco

After reading about it on the Intersweb, a Bullshire Online “Reporter” has discovered that Bullshire Police have discovered issues within their Centralised Customer Experience Temple which has led to 999 Call Takers being suspended.

In 2013 Bullshire Police took the unprecedented step of making their existing extremely experienced and competent Call Takers redundant; and, in order to supposedly save cash, entered into a contract with a private company who would then come along and carry out the role for a profit.

Our Bullshire Online “Reporter” has now discovered that some buffoon within Bullshire Police has realised their supposed money saving idea has backfired.

As with any private company, they work to achieve profit and financial dividends.  This has resulted in the management within the private company placing their staff in an untenable position.  In order to achieve ‘Targets’, someone, somewhere (who will undoubtedly come out of this fiasco unscathed) has applied pressure for the 999 Call Takers to make ‘False’ calls in order to achieve targets.

999 Call Takers have since been suspended; with bosses from the private company now saying “It wasn’t us, it was those pesky 999 Call Takers who took it upon themselves to make pretend calls.  Nothing to do with our management at all.  Oh now.

Prior to this fiasco being unearthed, there were 1003 Call Takers answering emergency calls from Bullshire Citizens.

Now there are only 4.

Scary times.