10 Things Which You May Be Surprised Are Illegal

Many of us hear stories about silly things which are still illegal, but Bullshire Online have sent one of our “Reporters” on a mission to find out 10 things you may be surprised are illegal.

After spending hours and hours researching Wikipedia and Facebook, our intrepid “Journalist” came up with this amazing list which you might possibly be surprised at!

We were certainly surprised.

Have a look through it, we bet there are several things you may possibly be surprised at.

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  1. Theft;
  2. Robbery;
  3. Arson;
  4. Criminal Damage;
  5. Possession of Controlled Substances;
  6. Assault;
  7. Murder;
  8. Rape;
  9. Fraud; and
  10. Driving Otherwise Than In Accordance With a Licence.

Of course, there are many other things which are illegal so think before you break the law.

By the way, who are we to say whether you’re surprised at any of the above things which are illegal?  Eh?