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Angry readers of Bullshire Online took to their socials recently, when they became absolutely outraged upon seeing something they didn’t expect to see in this day and age.

One particularly angry and entitled Bullshire Online reader – Who only wants to identify herself as “Karen” contacted one of our intrepid and brave so-called “Journalists” yesterday, after being shocked into absolute outrage when she saw a Bullshire Police Officer without a hat.

“Karen” posted a TikTok on Facebookgrammer showing a Bullshire Police Officer not only without their hat, but with a visible tattoo on his arm.


Describing her response to seeing the shocking sight, she said it was “DISCUSTING”.

We have contacted Bullshire Police for a quote; but they told us to “FUCK OFF” and put the phone down.


Do you think the Bullshire Police Officer deserves a ‘Virtual Pint’ or should he be sacked?

Buy him a pint HERE.

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