SAS Face Criticism from police over “glamourising” logo

Crack Troops in the SAS are under fire today, as the top cop from Bullshire Police calls for them to drop the ‘Glamourising’ logo they’ve been using for years.

In a hard hitting tweet from Bullshire’s top cop – Chief Constable Sir Mason Lodge (MBSE/GCSE/B-Tec) which hasn’t been tweeted, the SAS – or ‘Special Air Service’ – have been called out for having an edged weapon in their logo.

Chief Constable Lodge said,

“It’s fucking outrageous. Their logo has a dagger or something. We’ve been trying to rid Bullshire’s streets of everything with a blade for ages; and have spent a fortune on wheeled bins, posters and stuff. We even confiscated fucking scissors off primary school children because that’s how we like to virtue signal.”

Bullshire Online tried to approach the SAS but we couldn’t find them.