Top Cops at Bullshire Police are, once again, under fire following a ‘Controversial’ anti-knife crime poster appearing on Bullshire’s roadside billboards.

Crowds of shocked onlookers looked on in shock as Bullshire Police unveiled their new anti-knife crime campaign by unveiling dozens of posters on massive billboards which drop the ‘C-Bomb’.


Above you can see how Bullshire Police are saying “…Don’t be a cunt, swap your blade for a blunt…” which has sparked controversy amongst the liberal snowflakes of Bullshire.

Bullshire Online contacted Bullshire Police who said “Are you trying to tell us that people who carry knives aren’t cunts? If so, you can fuck right off. Prick.”

Our intrepid reporter tried to tell the Bullshire Top Cop that underclass feral wankers who carry knives are, indeed, cunts; and that the controversy actually surrounded the fact that Bullshire Police appeared to be condoning the use of marijuana; but they’d put the phone down on us.