Why is the Bullshire Hospitals Facebook Page so UNPOPULAR?

Are you wondering why the ‘Bullshire Hospitals‘ Facebook Page is so unpopular?  You’re not alone.  There are literally dozens of other people who share your question!

Bullshire Online’s intrepid reporters have been scouring the internet because they’re too cowardly to venture outside; and they have ALL the answers.  Actually, they don’t have any answers but they’re doing their very best to make people click on this ad-riddled website.

Have a look at one of their latest posts:

One of our intrepid so-called reporters has approached the media team of Bullshire Hospitals who replied with:

“…Go fuck yourselves.  Wankers.  You bunch of cunts don’t give a shit about reporting the actual news.  All you’re interested in these days is creating clickbait shite in a bid to facilitate faux outrage and drive more visitors to your ad-infested website.  Why don’t you grow a set of bollocks and try working in the public sector and actually help people for a change?  And quit sending us ‘Freedom of Information Act’ requests.  We’re fucking busy trying to save lives and shit; and don’t really have the time to respond to your sad pathetic attempts to make us look shit.  Go on.  Fuck off…”