This ‘Anti-Drink/Drive’ Campaign From Bullshire Police will SHOCK YOU!

Bullshire Police have broke the internet once more with their ‘Anti-Drink-Drive’ campaign; leaving crowds of shocked onlookers looking on in shock.

That’s right.

Every year, Bullshire Police slightly change a Facebook post they did about 5 years ago to impart the same message to Bullshire Citizens.

Bullshire Online so-called ‘Journalists’ approached Bullshire Police for a comment; who, surprisingly, gave us a quote:

“…Bullshire Police Officers absolutely love to take drink drivers off the road.  They’re a fucking menace; and we really like locking the selfish wankers up and, if at all possible, getting them in court where they lose their licence and, hopefully their job.

We also love targeting the selfish cunts when they’re disqualified; because loads of convicted drink drivers think they’re clever by driving when they’re banned.  We absolutely LOVE to lock these idiots up as often as possible; because, believe it or not, the courts send them to fucking prison!  When they’re sent down we get a massive buzz.

Another thing – Why does it seem that drink drivers who crash rarely injure themselves?  They usually injure or kill their mates or innocent people.  That REALLY pisses us off and upsets us.  This is exactly why we thrive on catching and arresting the selfish fucking twats…”

Have a look at the ‘Anti Drink Driving’ campaign from Bullshire Police here: