New ‘Smart Motorway’ to Display ‘Honest Signs’ – SHOCK!

As roadworks on Bullshire’s motorways continue, motorists were shocked today when new ‘Honest Signs’ were tested on the newly installed ‘Smart Motorway’ signs

As you should know, many of Bullshire’s motorways are currently experiencing ‘Road Works’ where hundreds of miles of motorway are clogged up with temporary speed restrictions, loads of cones but absolutely no actual ‘Road Work’ being carried out ever.

Bullshire’s motorways are currently being widened to accommodate an extra-wide middle lane for shit motorists to hog unnecessarily for miles on end.

Today, the very expensive new ‘Matrix System’ has been trialled; with new ‘Honest Signs’ being displayed for the first time.

As can be seen, they’re quite ‘to the point’ reading “FUCKWITS: Use middle lane for no reason”.

A spokeperson for Highways Bullshire said, “Fuck knows why we bother trying to educate motorists anymore.  Most of them are as thick as shit.  Especially those wankers who drive BMW’s.

After receiving a flurry of complaints from shocked entitled snowflake motorists (most of whom drive those weird Citroens with bits of rubbery stuff on the side) a spokesperson for Bullshire Police said,

“…Our Non-Crime-Non-Hate-Non-Incident Incident Room” has received a flurry of complaints from a bunch of perpetually offended bell ends who, we’re sorry to say, we told to fuck off.

By the way, we’re sorry about the shit photoshop work on the sign.  Soz…”


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