Armed Police Panda Wearing High Heels Cropped


Crowds of shocked onlookers are said to have been looking on in shock recently when a police panda stopped a siege whilst sporting stilettos.

Instead of getting off our arses to actually go and put ourselves in harms’ way, top Bullshire Online so-called ‘Reporters’ scoured social media in the safety of our offices looking for yet another way to bash the cops.

Armed Police Panda Wearing High Heels
Armed Police Panda Wearing High Heels

Unfortunately, regardless of whether one or two of them took a few seconds to pose for a photo wearing a panda mask or wearing high heels or whatever, the cops who stopped a siege still ran towards danger whilst we and all the other keyboard warriors crapped ourselves at the mere thought of putting ourselves in danger.

Unfortunately, the armed cop was gloved up, so we couldn’t see whether they were wearing nail polish.  Sorry.

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