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Faecal bacteria ‘On BBC So-Called News Website’

A Bullshire Online so-called investigation has revealed faecal bacteria on the BBC So-Called News website.

Bullshire Online have always suspected the BBC of publishing heavily biased so-called news, a lot of which was suspected as being full of shit.

So, a few weeks ago, Bullshire Online undertook a really scientific investigation, getting some swabs from the chemist and swabbing the screens of various computers and smartphones where the BBC So-Called News website was being displayed.

Without using any precautions to avoid cross contamination, results of the swabs being left in a humid bathroom on the side of the toilet revealed what appeared to be faecal bacteria growing on the swabs.

Therefore, Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal that the BBC has a load of shit on its website.

You can’t argue with science; unless the BBC report it – In which case it might be a load of crap.

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Moist Fan Knee
Moist Fan Knee