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Cop Suspended During ‘Offensive Mug’ Fiasco!

Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal that a Bullshire Police cop has been suspended from duty during an ‘Offensive Mug’  fiasco.

In the midst of austerity and pitiful resources, the coffee consuming cop has been suspended on full pay whilst Bullshire’s very very professional Professional Standards Department investigate the allegation that they consumed a tepid caffeine enriched beverage from what can only be described as an ‘Offensive Mug’

Nobody from Bullshire Police has responded to Freedom of Information e-mail requests from our so-called ‘Reporters’ yet and we can’t be bothered to actually do some proper investigative journalism because we’re cowards.

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Do you think the mug is offensive?

We do.  What right minded Bullshire Police Officer would drink from a mug with a knuckle duster as a handle?

Meanwhile, you can choose to procure the inoffensive mug shown by either clicking/pressing here or on the nice picture below.

Naughty Mug Product Image
Naughty Mug Product Image