Thick People Video Still


A crowd of thick people recently descended upon a random street in a northern city recently to reveal to the world just how thick they are.

Apparently reacting to something apparently lawful the police did, the thick people decided to prove their thickness by being extraordinarily thick.

Watch the shocking moment when a couple of particularly thick people decide to vent their faux anger at a random police car which, as it belongs to the British Transport Police, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the reason for the stupid people’s faux anger.

It is understood that many of the thick people either filmed themselves being thick or were filmed by members of the public who wanted to capture evidence of extreme thickness.

We don’t own this video; and the original can be found here.

We have no reason to believe the person capturing this footage is thick; but it was originally captured in the  portrait format so you can draw your own conclusions.

Bullshire Online would like to thank everyone who’s uploaded video footage into the public domain.

We’ve downloaded it all. ¬†Cheers.