It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there’s a problem at the moment.

Have you ever tried to get an appointment at your GP Surgery, only to be faced with barriers put in place by the ‘Doctor’s Receptionists’?  If you were lucky, you were probably given an appointment in a few weeks – or even months.

Compare that to the police.

If you telephone Bullshire Police and demand to be seen, you’ll probably be seen straight away or within a few hours.  Even if you’re given an appointment it’ll be only be in a day or two.

You may know that both the health service and the police are in financial trouble at the moment.

Neither have enough cash to look after the public properly.

Strangely though, when the health service fails, the public and the media blame the government; but when the police fail, the public and the media blame the police themselves.  All very strange.

Bullshire Online think that’s wrong.

Fortunately, Bullshire Police are forward thinking and have come up with a plan to make things a little better.

Bullshire Police are working in partnership with Bullshire’s GP surgeries and will be swapping their ‘Police Call Takers’ with the ‘Doctor’s Receptionists’.

In future, if you have a health issue you can phone your GP and you’ll either be seen straight away or in a few days.  If things go wrong, you can blame the government.

If however you call Bullshire Police you’ll speak with a really grumpy and obstructive receptionist and you won’t be seen for a few weeks or months; by which time the need for Bullshire Police has passed and you’ll have forgotten all about it because your attention span is really short.