Armed Police


In a revolutionary move which will send shock waves throughout ‘Generation Snowflake, Bullshire’s top cop has lashed out at members of the public who become shocked when they see a Bullshire Police Officer buying sandwiches whilst carrying a gun.

Until recently, the elite Firearms Officers within Bullshire Police had to leave their guns in a pink-cloud-filled cushioned box whenever they were in public; just in case a member of the public saw them carrying something they were trained and authorised to carry.

For example, if a Bullshire Firearms Officer needed to pop into a supermarket to buy a sandwich or perhaps some hair products they had to take off their little gun out of public view and lock it into a ‘safe space’ where no members of the public would see it.

They would then visit the supermarket and wouldn’t be seen to be carrying a gun.

Whenever Bullshire Police Officers have been seen carrying guns in supermarkets a flurry of liberal generation snowflake buffoons would contact their local rag, snap a few poor quality photos on their phones and claim to have been “shocked” at what they saw.

In the wake of recent events, Bullshire’s top cop – Chief Constable Sir Mason Lodge – said “Buffoons who moan about armed Bullshire Police Officers having their guns on display can eat their words”.

Mr Lodge continued, “They’re nothing but buffoons. ¬†Yet local so-called ‘news’ organisations still think it’s clever to publish pathetic articles about armed Police Officers carrying guns”