Police Swoop on “Burglars” and Get a Shocking Eyeful

Residents of a Bullshire street awoke in the early hours of  Thursday 7th April 2016 to the sound of a copper chopper hovering inches from their rooftops.

Commenting on Social Media, one slum-dweller said “Dem filth wok myup at 10 dis mawning” which resulted in reporters from Bullshire Online firing off a Freedom of Information Act request to Bullshire Police asking what had happened; simply because our reporters are rubbish at actually being reporters and are somewhat lazy.

It turned out the police had been called to what was initially reported as a “Burglary in Progress” but it turned out to be rabbits shagging in their hutch in someone’s back garden.

According to Bullshire Police, they had to send in the copper chopper because there aren’t usually any actual Police Officers on duty over night any more; and the copper chopper had to fly from Shetland.