Parents Dine Out Leaving Toddler With Gorilla – Who’s to Blame?

The Internet is currently alight with uproar and misinformed opinion as news emerges of a posh couple who left their child with a gorilla as they ate Spanish food with their chums in a nearby restaurant.

The posh couple who don’t live on a council estate and both have jobs are already in negotiation with the mainstream media, publicists, lawyers, politicians and fundraisers to avert all blame from themselves after they recently left their toddler being babysat by a gorilla.

As the posh couple dined in a nearby restaurant, their toddler was being looked after by a gorilla.

Apparently, the internet blames the parents.

However, the parents stand to make a pretty-penny from this whole episode and are set to appear on Crimewatch next month.

Here at Bullshire Online  we intend to commence a campaign which sees anyone blaming the posh parents branded as ‘Internet Trolls’.