In this shocking footage, we can see what happened when a Bullshire Police Officer lit a particularly pungent guff whilst inside a riot van.

Obviously it’s not true; but you clicked onto our website. Which makes us feel like a real proper so-called ‘news’ organisation. And makes us chuckle.

What we’ll do now is bombard you with loads of annoying adverts; and, obviously, pop in a link to our little ‘Store’ where you can choose to procure all sorts of mischievous stuff:

A 'Pint' for PC EKZARMIE

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This is an opportunity to choose to buy PC EKZARMIE a "Pint".

However, seeing as PC EKZARMIE is a figment of our Social Media Ambassador's imagination; it will be a 'Virtual Pint' only. Any wedge raised will be used by our Social Media Ambassador to create more content to hopefully make you laugh, cry or become fauxfended by.

We'll also use any wedge to fund 'Morale Bundles' for bobbies who are going through a tough time or have been assaulted. We do a load of these behind the scenes without publicity. We wish we didn't have to, but we do.

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