Have you experienced driving on one of Bullshire’s so-called ‘Smart Motorways’?

At a cost of probably billions, Bullshire’s perfectly fine motorways have been ‘Upgraded’ from three lanes to four lane so-called ‘Smart Motorways.

After years of road works, temporary speed cameras, average speed checks and millions accrued in ‘Speeding Fines’ for the Bullshire Police Christmas Disco, these so-called ‘Smart Motorways’ are now causing more congestion than ever before.

But, Bullshire Police have hit back by referring to motorists as ‘Fuckwits’ when they can’t work out how to use these so-called ‘Smart Motorways’ and, instead of applying common sense, just drive in lanes 3 and 4.


Bullshire Police have taken over the ‘Matrix’ signs and have been interactively instructing thick motorists to “…MOVE OVER!” and refer to them as a “…bunch of utter fuckwits…”

A spokesperson for Bullshire Police said:

Are motorway users fucking stupid or what?