Roundabout Banners


We’ve no doubt you’ve seen them adorning roundabouts around your way, but did you know they’re ILLEGAL?

That’s right.

You may wonder why it’s illegal to mount a banner on a roundabout; but Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal why.

Perhaps you’re thinking that the banners could obscure signage on the roundabout?

Maybe you think it’s because it’s dangerous for the banner mounting individuals to mount the banners?

But you would be wrong.

Fixing banners to roundabouts is ILLEGAL because nobody gives a flying fuck whether Alex is 18 or whether Krystal is 30.

Absolutely fucking nobody.  Not even Alex or Krystal.

A spokesman for Bullshire Police said:

“…Nobody gives a flying fuck that Alex is 18, Krystal is 30 or whether anyone anywhere has a birthday.  We all have fucking birthdays and nobody gives a shit whether it’s announced on a probably mis-spelt poxy banner fixed haphazardly to a roundabout sign.  Anyone who takes the time to scrawl a wank banner then tie it to a roundabout sign is an utter fuckwit…”

Are you Alex?  Are you Krystal?  Are we correct in thinking that you don’t give a fuck?