Detective's Wrong Shoes


Shocked onlookers looked on in shock within the Criminal Investigation Department [CID] of Bullshire Police when an Elite Detective on his first day was SENT HOME for wearing the ‘Wrong Shoes’

Keen to start learning how to avoid having to do Police work, the elite detective turned up wearing brogues; a kind of footwear not authorised within Bullshire’s Elite CID.

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“Shocked Onlookers”

As the brogue-wearing Elite Detective strutted into the office, perfecting his arrogant swagger, his footwear immediately caught the eye of the token attractive non-male Elite Detectives within the Office; who were busy hiding their personal radios.

One non-male Elite Detective said “I’m sorry, talking to you is not in my remit.  If you could task a local patrol to talk to you in the first instance I’ll monitor remotely. I was shocked though.  Obviously.

Bullshire Online understand that Bullshire’s Elite Detectives must only wear winkle-pickers; and not brogues.

Chief Constable Sir Mason LODGE (MBSE/GCSE/B-Tec) said,

“The new Elite Detective will have had to complete a mandatory computer based ‘Acceptable CID Footwear’ training package so they will have been fully aware of the rules.”

Bullshire Online understands that the Elite Detective was sent home but he popped straight down The Asdas to buy some winkle-pickers; but, sadly, they don’t sell them there.  Apparently he’s currently crying in The Costases.