Forest Gate Survivor Mugs


Anger supposedly erupted on the internet in the wake of a recent ‘Small Scale Disorder’ which saw dozens if not hundreds of exhausted Police Officers having to deal with utter buffoons who were jumping on some sort of fake-news-fuelled mission.

Bullshire Police – a ‘Spoof Police Organisation’ on the internet – made drinking vessels available for those involved in the ‘Forest Gate’ small scale disorder recently.  They even included sweets!

However, although the vast majority of people smiled and thanked Bullshire Police for attempting to raise morale, someone somewhere said “They’re inappropriate.  I’m criticising this.”

Unfortunately, since they said that, their comment on The Facebooks has been deleted so you’re going to have to take our word for it that it’s true.  OK?

Apparently,  you can still choose to procure one of these personalised vessels and, if you do, you get a generic one free for you to either keep or share the morale.  Here at Bullshire Online we think this is disgusting.

Forest Gate Survivor Mug
Forest Gate Survivor Mug