Cops Appear to Arrest Runner

‘Bully Boy Coppers Collar Running Man’ SHOCK!

Crowds of shocked onlookers possibly looked on in shock recently when a running man appeared to have been collared by cops as he was about to finish a running event.

One Commentator on The Facebooks said “…Dis is bang outta orda them pigs fink dey kan do way dey want. I’m gunna kick off wit the chef contstable ova dis…. clere aboose of powa…” but we have reason to suspect they were being ironic.  You know, like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a fork?

One commentator said “…I’m disgusted. I want 2 make a complaint and I wnt dem sacked…” but clearly meant to say “im dizcustard i wont 2 mk complayn an i wnt dem saked…” as they didn’t think their comment through before posting it on The Facebooks did they?

“…The Officer on his right has almost nailed the escort position, but the Officer on his left is having a nightmare with the gooseneck…” said someone on The Facebooks.

Have you noticed how we’ve put the headline in inverted commas?  That’s what the mainstream so-called-news media do all the time when they write misleading headlines.

Looking at the image, some may say (not us, obviously), “Look at those bully boy coppers collar(ing a) running man.”

We wouldn’t say that thought, because we’re not the mainstream so-called-news media.

Made you think though didn’t it?

By the way, there weren’t any shocked onlookers.  There rarely are.  The mainstream so-called-news media pretty much always talk bollocks.

We’d almost forgotten – We said “…appeared to…” which covers us too.  We like making nonsense up.

Anyway, the real story is here.  Well done boys.