Over recent months it’s become apparent that the NHS is in crisis. ¬†Exclusive information received by Bullshire Online can reveal it’s the fault of the police.

As Bullshire Online readers should already know, the police are responsible for everything ever; so, naturally, they are also responsible for the current NHS crisis.

Information received by Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal that, in 1989, a seventeen year old male trod on a butterfly.

That seventeen year old male is now a forty four year old Bullshire Police Officer.

As a result of that seventeen year old treading on a butterfly back in the late 80s the NHS is now in crisis.

Nobody from Bullshire Police has replied to our lazy ‘Freedom of Information Act’ request yet because they’re probably busy catching crooks ‘n’ stuff.

Please note: We have no evidence to justify our claim that Bullshire Police are responsible for the current crisis within the NHS; but we like to spew nonsense drivel in order to garner clicks to our ad-riddled website; just like the real so-called news outlets do these days.