Stock Images of a Chainsaw and an Axe


Once again, Police Officers have responded to a potentially life threatening incident and put themselves in mortal danger to potentially save the lives of others.

Emergency services were called to on Friday night after reports a man was on the road was threatening himself and family members whilst in possession of a chainsaw and an axe.

Where many many people – including so-called journalists – would run away from the danger, the hero cops ran towards it.

Here at Bullshire Online we’re proud of the police – who stand between order and chaos; who protect us from harm and potentially save our lives on a daily basis.

Therefore, we’ve written a headline which doesn’t lead our readers to click our ad-riddled website article.

Officers said when they arrived they were  threatened with a chainsaw and a man “ran at them with an axe”.

Officers continued “Fortunately we’re the police and not so-called journalists.  We are extremely highly trained and did what we had to do; regardless of whether the buffoon with the chainsaw and axe was a teenager.  Did you know, teenagers with axes and chainsaws are somewhat dangerous so the threat had to be stopped.”