Crowds of shocked onlookers looked on in shock earlier today (Thursday) as bully-boy-bobbies from Bullshire Police bundled a poor defenceless swan into the back of their riot van.

Witnesses to the incident told Bullshire Online that they were watching a lovely graceful swan walking on some grass when a riot van full of bully-boy-bobbies drove past.

“One of them must have seen the swan because the next thing I saw was the riot van turning round and coming back”.

One local man snapped a snap of the swan in-situ.

“The swan was on some grass in contravention of a ‘Keep off the Grass’ sign but there was no need to arrest it” said one shocked onlooker as he described how at least 50 bully-boy-bobbies bundled the swan into their riot van.

“The swan had no chance.”

“They bundled the swan into the riot van, closed the doors and drove off.  I could hear the swan banging and swearing, shouting it was going to bang out the driver when the cuffs were off.”