Brave Hatless Cops Reluctantly Hailed As Heroes By Media

The mainstream so-called news outlets have reluctantly hailed brave yet hatless cops as ‘Heroes’ recently but only because they did something which involved football.

Traditionally, mainstream so-called news outlets tell a pretty stupid and gullible society how heroic footballers are; often forgetting that real heroes don’t prance about kicking a piece of inflatable rubber around.

However, recent events have led to  mainstream so-called news outlets hailing two unarmed yet hatless cops but only because it involved football.


Unfortunately, the so-called independent police watch dogs have been called in because the brave cops were not only unarmed but unhatted.

As everyone knows, if a Police Officer isn’t wearing their hat then you can’t be arrested.

Both brave, unarmed yet hatless cops are believed to have been suspended from duties whilst the so-called independent police watch dog drags their feet for the next 18-36 months as they “investigate” something which would take the average 5 year old 10 minutes to realise is a load of shite.