Personalised 'Police Baby' Baby Grow

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Choose to adorn your 'Police Baby' or babies in their very own 'Police Baby' baby grow.

Apparently, these short sleeved bodysuits are 100% cotton, have an 'Envelope Neck Line' and have 'Bottom Popper Fasteners'. Who knew?

They are personalised to your requirement; ideally with a number and name.

The 'Little Radio' is an optional extra, and shown for illustration purposes. The additional 'Mini TASER-type' and 'Body Worn Video' things won't be real ones; they'll be little picture type things which look like them.

If you choose to procure more than one; they'll be exactly the same. Otherwise we'll get confused.

There is no rank choice; because a Police Baby is a 'Police Baby'. Obviously. Besides, we couldn't work out how to make really small epaulettes. Sorry.

Each of these is hand prepared to order so please bear this in mind if choosing to order one. They may take a few days.

Any queries, concerns or issues can be addressed to

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