NEED to see a Doctor within MINUTES? HERE’S HOW!

So you need to see a doctor but you can’t get an appointment with your GP? It’s a familiar problem for many Bullshire Citizens.

Bullshire Online can exclusively reveal the solution!


That’s right.  You may be a law abiding Bullshire Citizen; but the key to being able to see a Doctor within MINUTES is to get yourself arrested.


If you’re arrested in Bullshire, you’re taken to a Police Station and, when there, you’re asked a series of questions; including “Would you like to see a Doctor?”

If you answer “Yes” then a Doctor or a “Custody Nurse” will see you.

It’s very probable that, because Police Doctors and “Custody Nurses” are extremely risk averse, you’ll be taken to one of Bullshire’s few remaining hospitals.

If you don’t need to go to hospital, a prescription may be written for you.  A Bullshire Police Officer will then have to stop fighting crime and visit a pharmacist where your prescription will be collected for you.


Remember – If you’re of previous good character and you get yourself arrested just so you can see a Doctor, you may end up with a criminal record.


If you’re a “Custody Nurse” did you know you can choose to procure a personalised drinking vessel?  

You can do so by clicking on this little picture:


Did you know that Bullshire Police Officers absolutely love taking ‘Detainees’ to Hospital?

If you fancy becoming a Bullshire Police Officer but want to try your hand at listening to feral favela dwelling underclass scum for hours on end, why don’t you download and play the ‘Hospital Watch Simulator’ from Bullshire Police?


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