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The mainstream media are publishing numerous articles which appear to be intended to mislead their audiences into believing this is ‘Police Brutality’.

During the evening of 16/12/2016 a video was posted on Facebook.  You can view it here.

This appears to have resulted in the BBC viewing the video and composing a so-called news item which contains what appears to be a heavily edited excerpt from the original video.  You can view their article here.

On 17/12/2016, Bullshire Police captured the footage and, after brightening it a little and increasing the volume, reproduce it here:

It is the opinion of many many people that this does not demonstrate so-called ‘Police Brutality’ but does demonstrate what appears to be the lawful use of force upon an aggressive non-compliant suspect who we understand has been charged with a number of offences including the Assault of a Police Officer.

However, after being taken to task over their shoddy reporting, the BBC so-called ‘Journalist’ has blocked Bullshire Police and the BBC continue to ignore the fact that their apparent attempted deception has been called out.

Unfortunately, numerous media outlets have regurgitated the BBC version of events; which is resulting in a significant number of people being subjected to an apparently deceitful so-called news article.

This is alarming.

Bullshire Online wonder:  Are the BBC and other mainstream media outlets mis-reporting other so-called ‘news’ articles?  We believe they are.

To compound the issue, a Liberal Democrat prospective Member of Parliament is calling for the suspension of the Police Officer involved in this incident.  We shall not dwell on the interaction between Bullshire Police and her; but she has demonstrated an horrendous attitude and, to date, has not acknowledged the apparent fact that she has jumped on a bandwagon based on apparent deceit.

Obviously, Bullshire Online recognise that the original footage fails to reveal the entire incident; but at least we will reproduce it in its clear entirety; unlike real so-called ‘news’ outlets who appear to be attempting to deceive.